Friday, September 05, 2008

Possible Delay in Kitty Retrieval...

So, I just called to find out what food they eat so I can pick some up on my weekly trip to the store, and the the lady from the shelter told me, but also says that the hoohaectomies were delayed because the girl kitty is sneezing. She gave the cat some antibiotic and says she hasn't sneezed anymore today, and hopefully the appointment can be made for sometime next week.

Seems odd to me the shelter lady just apparently has some antibiotic on hand that she just randomly gives to the cats without consulting a vet...

Oh, and that girl cat had some serious farting issues yesterday! It stunk to high heaven! I would gather that it was just nervous and that she just has a run of the mill upper resp. infection or maybe the herpesvirus that 9 bajillion cats have, but after all I've been through with Texas, it makes me uneasy.

I hope that she stops sneezing and that they will still be healthy and ready on Wednesday!


Whicky Wuudler said...

My human says you are right to be concerned about the antibiotics. If they are given in odd single doses it's not a good thing. A vet should prescribe them & would give a full course, so the whole infection is killed off. Giving partial courses leaves bugs behind. A vet wouldn't give antibiotics for the herpes virus on its own either. The farts often mean worms or sometimes a recent change of diet. Could you get Callie and Mallie sooner and have your own vet check them out and do the neutering?

Forgot to mention they are lovely kittens too!

ML said...

That is excellent advice. KC had the herpes virus, I think. She was found in very poor condition and weighed very little. She was given lysine, a powder on her food. Again, trying to remember back. And she had to complete several full courses of antibiotic. She got really healthy once she finished that second round of antibiotic.
I know people that take antibiotics sporadically like that, too. Don't think it works, you have to complete the full doseage.

Katie said...

I really don't think I'll be waiting the full month til their shots are due for a vet check. I will probably take them right away to have them looked at.

Yes, sneezing can definitely be caused by herpesvirus- Texas had herpes, and we still have plenty of lysine if that is the case.

I think I have to wait til they are spayed neutered, but I am going to call and check in on them tomorrow. Maybe she will let me sign an agreement or something that I have to like bring her a copy of the neuter/spay paperwork within a week.

Smeagol and Strider (Mystery and Gizmo too!) said...

Awww, sweet babies!! This is kind of embarassin', but when I (Smeagol) first came to live with Mom and Dad, I farted lots too, but then I adjusted to efurrything and was fine. Also, when they got me from the shelter, I still needed my hoohaectomy - the shelter made Mom call the v-e-t and schedule it before they could bring me home. There was prob'ly some paperwork too.
Maybe the shelter where you are would agree to something like that.