Friday, September 05, 2008

Dare to help cure cancer!

The Cat Realm is having a "Dare to Get Involved" contest. Basically, on each cat blog you would dare The Cat Realm cats and staff to do something for charity, for the community, or whatnot and they are having a contest to see who gets to decide what dare they do. Well, Texas was very sick, and entered the contest quite late, but he asked that they do something to kick feline cancer's butt. This was inspired by a challenge Petey'sowner made after Petey died from feline lymphoma in March of this year. Although Texas was excluded from the judging due to being so late, they have honored him by posing his dare to everyone anyhow today. Please go over to The Cat Realm today and check out the dare!

Also, cancer is just as icky in humans, so if you'd prefer to donate to kicking human cancer's butt, go here. The event is called "Stand Up 2 Cancer". This organization is apparently having some sort of telethon tonight too. Details are on that site.

I have decided that I will be adding these sites to my linkroll shortly. As I know there are some woofies in the blogosphere with cancer, I would like to add a woofie cancer site, but don't know of any. Perhaps Jackson or someone else knows of a good site?

Finally, one quick note about the kitties. I've edited the below post as well, but the kitties will indeed be getting their own blog. I haven't made it yet because 1- they aren't here yet, and 2- since we don't even know what to name THEM, I don't have a CLUE what to name their blog yet. So their blog will be here temporarily, and once they get named and settled in, I will link to their new blog from this site here.


Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

BABY KITTIES! Mom sez dat Sadie coming here helped a lot after Punkin went to the Bridge but did nothing for poor Zippy...dem is some cute little fuzzballs.

T'Abby Normal said...

My mom lost her previous cat to cancer. It was sad because the kitty really didn't have a chance by the time it was discovered. I was going to offer some of my tuna fish towards the cancer-beating funds, but my mom is really nice and told me to keep my tuna (and eat it) and that she would donate something else for me!
Abby Normal

Brownie said...

Hi Katie, talking about it, we are doing a fundraising on my brother's blog, who went to the bridge because of an strange sickness, but he do have internet conection at the bridge! All his friends said he was like a hacker, and he does! You can see the contest here:

We want to raise 40000 (80 dollars)or more, but we need help of the cats, but many of them deleted me from their bookmarks, but I want to help...REALLY WANT TO HELP

I'll do it, I'll raise money!