Saturday, September 06, 2008

Kittenz update!

So the shelter lady called and said that Mallie (I was confused- it was the boy who sneezed) is no longer sneezing, and had only sneezed once yesterday. Once??? and she gave it antibiotics for ONE sneeze??
I have no idea if it is still on antibiotics, but she thinks it is OK now, and she made the appointments for their hoohaectomies on Tuesday. My feeling is that they will hopefully notice any URIs/ worms (the girl kitten had horrid flatuence issues) when doing any preliminary checkup before the surgery, but I also intend on taking them to the vet for a wellness check within days of receiving them. I am not going to wait until the shots 4 weeks from now because I think that while this lady really means well, she might not have the knowledge, time, or money to take the best care of them, and even if I did think it was the best-run shelter, I would want to do that anyway, since even the best-run shelters are inherently disease-infested environments.
So, is it Thursday yet? Figures they will be being dropped off while I am stuck at night school, letting hubby have them all to himself most of the evening! Harrumph!
Anyone who hasn't done so yet, scroll down a few posts to see their blurry cuteness!


Whicky Wuudler said...

I think you are right about the shelter lady meaning well and it's a good idea to get them to the vet very soon after they arrive. Could you contact the vet who is doing the surgeries to put your mind at rest and ask about checking for worms and URi's? This might put your mind at rest a little.

It's the random and incomplete use of antibiotics that has brought about antibiotic resistant infections in both humans and now pets too. Like you say, with rescue/shelter work, the overwhelming issues are money, time and the ever present battle against infections. It's almost impossible to get it 100% right every time with every rescued animal.

Roll on Thursday!

Callie & Mallie arrive!


Sweet Praline said...

Keeping my paws crossed that everything goes okay and the kitties can come to their forever home on Thursday! Please keep us posted!