Saturday, September 13, 2008

New Update

We are going to visit with them tomorrow. Niko is in purrfect health now, completely recovered. Cloud is much improved, but not quite 100% yet, so we might have to wait til Monday with her. I am hopeful that we can take Niko home tomorrow, but we and the shelter lady both aren't sure that it's in their best interest to take one without the other, even for a day.
I really hope I get to take both of them home tomorrow. I absolutely hate not having a cat at home.


Mickey said...

These kitties are having quite an ordeal! I bet you cannot wait to have them both home! Lets hope this is the only ordeal they will have from now on :)
Purrs Mickey

Sweet Praline said...

I just stopped by to check on the status of the kitties. I hope you have both of them home with you soon.