Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Photo Hunt: Sad

Well, this was an easy theme for me, since I am still very sad over losing Texas. My kittens,as it were, just posted these photos as well on their blog about 2 weeks ago, but I figured I should post them here in Texas' honor.

For those who don't know, we lost our cat Texas to lymphoma just over a month ago.

Here is one of his last photos.

Here is his grave in the backyard, with the beautiful flowers his first Mommy and housemates sent him. His first Mommy is a friend of ours from work. When she moved several years ago, she gave us one of the best cats in the whole world.


aerzebet said...

I miss him so much. :(

ML said...

All of us miss Texas so much, especially around Fridays. Our little Faith Boomerang just had her first birthday and is our fractious cat this Friday. Well, uh, actually, every Friday and everyday. Hee hee.