Thursday, October 16, 2008

b12 question

Well, the past week or so I've been feeling really dizzy and lightheaded. Actually it goes back on and off to just a few weeks after starting Weight Watchers in July, but the last week was by far the worst. When I started weight watchers, dairy and (of course, they are fortified) breads were the first to get cut from my diet. Well, anyone wanna guess where the best places for a vegetable-tarian are to get B12? Yup. Went to the doc Monday, doc drew some blood, and I got a letter today telling me my B12 is low and to come get stabbed ASAP, so I'll be visiting her this Monday for that. I've went out and got some B12 tablets for now though, obviously not ideal but I hope they will help at least a tiny bit until then.

I've found a lot of conflicting info on the best methods for vegetarians like me to get B12. Anyone got any good recipes or thoughts? Also, does anyone know if skim milk reduces B12 at all? Google wasn't very helpful when I tried to ask it, hehe.

Oh, and a belated congratulations to my angel Texas' Momma C and almost-Dad! (For anyone who doesn't know, my first cat Texas was adopted from friends at work) They had an absolutely beautiful wedding this weekend which I was totally thrilled to attend. Absolutely delish cake too, totally worth the half a day's worth of WW points I spent on it, hehe!!

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