Monday, August 18, 2008

Weight Loss...and a lump

Well, I was so happy today, I lost 4.2 pounds! My best ever week! Obviously I know this can't happen every week, but man was that nice! So I am officially down exactly 14 pounds!!

The not so good news was this lump I have had on the back of my neck has still not gone away, or shrank. Hasn't gotten larger either though, which is good..but it's been 2 months and no change. So the doctor drew some blood and will call me tomorrow. She hasn't mentioned a biopsy yet, which is good. She does think whatever it is a lymph node related growth, NOT just a fatty cyst :( But it could just be an inflammed lymph node for some other benign reason, which is the hope. We will find out tomorrow. I would hate to have lymphoma though, isn't it enough caring for a cat with it?!?

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