Sunday, July 27, 2008

Funny Musings

It is quite humorous to watch the husband give the cat medicine. Poor guy. There is one medicine we give the cat that is supposed to have a "palatable meaty flavor". Well, if it does, someone didn't tell our cat. Our maybe it tastes like turkey. Yes, our cat doesn't like turkey. But he eats crabs...or at least the crab flavored treats we give him. I think our cat is clinically insane. But anyway, it's sort of funny to watch the cat spit out the "meaty goodness" (what we call the iron supplement we give the cat) all over the hubby! Hubby doesn't think so, though.

I've tried to give the cat medicine. The best I can manage is to get the Pepcid AC in him using a Pill Pocket. At least he doesn't eat around the pill anymore.

Yeah, cats with cancer require a LOT of medicines! He's in remission now, as I think I mentioned yesterday, but it's still a lot of medicine. Problem is that the chemo really upsets his stomach. He doesn't usually actually vomit, but he licks his lips and refuses to eat, and also makes a swallowing gulping motion. That's how we know it's time to get him medicine. Usually we need to give him a Zofran shot if his Reglan (Metaclopramide) is not enough.

He's doing pretty good right now. Been just under 2 weeks since his last chemo. He goes every other week now. He's on the MadWis protocol. You can read more about it on his blog, by the way. I will take him in tomorrow for his next chemo, and then he gets two weeks off. I don't think he'll be happy though that the second week will be in a boarding facility. I feel bad about it, but we are going to the midwest to visit family and with all the medicines he takes, I wouldn't want to stick the roommate with that.

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