Saturday, January 10, 2009

Why I absolutely can not stand Verizon!

OK, I can not believe this.
I was going to switch from Cavalier Telephone to Verizon about a month ago. I scheduled a switch date. I never got an email confirmation of the online order placed.
I then found out I could not be home on the scheduled date. I called them, and waited 28 minutes on hold. I finally spoke to someone and they told me, per my request, the switch date was postponed two weeks.
I asked for my confirmation number so I could make future changes online. She said she had to transfer me to a different group for that. I waited 20 more minutes on hold, and had to go, so I hung up.
I called back the next business day, and was told that they had never postponed my switch date. I was so fed up at this point I said cancel the whole thing and do not switch my service AT ALL. I never got a confirmation call of cancelling as promised on the phone number I asked, although I did get a phone call from Verizon on my home line, but no message was left. Since I work during the rest of the week, I could not call all week to follow up because I simply don't have an hour to wait on hold while at work and they are closed when I get home.
So today, I get home and I have a zero balance bill from Cavalier and when I call Cavalier it asks me if I want to re-establish service.
And of course they are closed til Monday. At this point I might as well stay with them, it is 15 dollars a month cheaper, but man am I ever livid.


T'Abby Normal said...

We don't blame you!

Chris said...

I had a similar horror story with Verizon - I was fed up with Verizon online high speed and made arrangements to go with our local cable co for both phone and high speed. The cable co was able to arrange the phone disconnection date of 12/23 but they were not allowed to cancel the high speed for me. So I called Verizon 2 weeks ahead of time and requested cancellation eff 12.23 - I told them 3 times during the call I wanted it eff 12/23 and even asked the man at the end what date it would be cancelled and he said 12/23. As soon as the call ended, I was no longer able to access the internet or my email account with them. I called back immediately and was told there was nothing they could do to reconnect it for the 2 weeks remaining. Talking to a supervisor got me nowhere but she said the 2 weeks would be deducted from my final bill. Well of course when the bill came, they're still charging for the full month of online service, so we're battling that out still. I know exactly how you feel, and each time I called them I was on hold for about 45 minutes; they're ridiculous!